Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sehome Road Skies

Over majestic Thunderbird Lake...

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Home Sweet Sehome

Our first June evening sitting out in the back yard after returning from Australia...

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Landing at YVR

We've arrived - about an hour early.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Aboard AC 36: BNE-YVR


Brisbane Airport (BNE) Air New Zealand Lounge

We left our hotel on a paid shuttle bus (AUS $5 each) a bit after 7:30 AM, and we're now comfortably seated in a very pleasant Air New Zealand lounge.

Security this morning was metal detectors, and the automated exit passport control was a breeze.

We were denied entry to the adjacent Singapore lounge, even though the sign reads "Star Gold." The woman told us we had to go where we were invited, and seemed to have no concept of the significance of that sign. Oh well... this lounge is perfectly pleasant.

We have nearly 90 minutes before boarding Air Canada #36. It's due to depart today - Tuesday - at 10:40 AM (5:40 PM yesterday at home), and our landing at YVR (Vancouver) is scheduled for 7:10 AM PDT Tuesday morning, 7351 air miles later.

We've completed most of a circumnavigation of the world since flying out of YVR a couple of weeks ago, something over 22,000 miles in four different business class offerings.

We suspect AC will stack up pretty well, but we'll have a better idea 16 hours from now.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Brisbane Airport (BNE) Ibis

We drove back to Brisbane from Noosa this morning, giving two Flyertalk friends a ride. The traffic wasn't bad, and we were happy to drop off our SIXT rental car, which was a heavily dented 2012 Corolla with 110,000 km. on the odometer.

The rental shuttle driver kindly dropped us off at the nearly-new Ibis before taking Glynnis and Saibal to the terminal.

The hotel only opened last October, and still has that brand-new shine throughout. It's a budget hotel but pleasant nonetheless.

They had a room for us at 11:30 AM, and there's a nice little restaurant on site. We'll hang out before taking a 7:30 AM (paid) shuttle to the airport in anticipation of Air Canada #36 to Vancouver at 10:30 AM, as another Oz Fest concludes.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kathy's Birthday Dinner at Noosa RACV Resort

The Arcuri Restaurant is in the main reception area just a two-minute walk from our apartment. We chose their three-course special, as the choices included two of the birthday girl's favorites, pork belly and duck.

A lovely Shiraz...

Pork Belly for Kathy...

Brian's Hiramasa Kingfish appetizer...

Duck breast for the main...


Not cheap (hardly anything in Oz is cheap), but good value and a beautiful meal...

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Miles and More Miles

We just noticed that the miles on this trip are adding up since we flew out of YVR May 15.

YVR-LHR-AMS-CDG-HKG-BKK-BNE totals 16,747 flown miles.

That's a fair amount of flying by most standards, but nothing we'd brag about to the Flyertalk friends we'll be seeing soon at Oz Fest. 

We like to think it places us at least in the "average range" of frequent flyers.

Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast Australia

We picked up our SIXT rental car,  a badly scratched and dented Toyota Corolla with 110,000 km. on the odometer.
That's great, because now we won't have to worry about parking lot scratches.

We made the drive from the airport to the RACV Noosa resort in 90 minutes or so, with only a few roundabouts to keep Brian on his toes.

We have a nice little apartment here with all the comforts of home for next five nights, complete with a bottle of duty-free Beefeaters on the counter to share with our Aussie friends.