Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Flight of The Trip

How can you tell?

Houston Layover

Great flight, through Immigration and TSA Precheck despite a couple of glitches, and now relaxing with video games in the United Club during our - ugh! - nearly five-hour layover.

AMS: Through Gate Security

MMW scanners but otherwise very civilized... We're all about two hours short of a good night's sleep but no complaints from Jake, who has proven himself a good traveler.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AMS: Airplane Mock-Up at Schiphol

AMS Sunrise

Europe with Jake: Wrapping Up

We retrieved our bags, walked to Central Station, and caught a train to Schiphol. 

It's easily a long 10-minute walk to the Hilton, a dated property (a new Hilton is being built next door) with friendly employees. We toasted our trip in the Executive Lounge and will stroll back to the airport for dinner.

The trip has been a blast for us, and we're confident Jake has enjoyed it too.

Amsterdam: Going to Pot

On the way back from Anne Frank House we stopped for Jake at the first little pizza place we saw. 

The owner sent Brian next door to break a 50-Euro note and it was only then that Brian noticed the employee discussing the "percentage" in some brownies on the counter. Yes, it was that kind of, ah, joint. 

The aroma outside got to us and we made the pizza "to go."

We hope there are no airport "sniffer dogs" tomorrow. 

Jake in particular was nauseated by the smells, a reaction that should greatly please his parents.

Amsterdam: Anne Frank Huis (House)

One of several places where we were wise to buy advance tickets online.
Very moving - no photos allowed inside...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dinner in Cologne

Schnitzel and apple strudel after a long travel day...