Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Surviving a Hotel Fire

 We mentioned in our most recent post that we were sleepless in Seattle for awhile yesterday when an alarm went off at the Seattle Airport Hilton around 3:00 AM. 

Now safely back at home, we realize that this is at least our fourth such alarm experience in our travels, although this was the first one that woke us up in the middle of the night. 

There was that time in 2012 after breakfast at the Seattle Hilton, coincidentally the morning we were about to start a train trip with members of Kathy's family that would end in New Orleans a few days later. 

The very next year we were getting ready for dinner at the Zagreb Doubletree when the bells rang. 

In 2014 at the Hilton Lyon, we evacuated with other guests and learned afterwards that the staff had failed to deliver the letter informing guests that this "training drill" was scheduled to occur. 

We read an excellent FlyerTalk post some years ago, How to Survive a Hotel Fire, and one of our habits now when we arrive at a hotel room is to learn exactly where the nearest emergency exit is, in case we have to crawl there through smoke. We do not hang around for an announcement or try calling the front desk. We evacuate asap.

We'll be re-reading that post and check out a few other sources before our next trip.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Fire Alarm

It was about 3:00 AM at the Seattle Airport Hilton.

It’s not a high rise so it was a relatively short walk down from the third floor.

First, Brian had to persuade Kathy the horrific noise was not an alarm that he’d accidentally set on his bedside table.

Now it’s back to bed.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Approaching SEA

Alaska #755 MSY-SEA

First Class wine service...

Farewell Lunch at Pêche in New Orleans

More oysters for Tom and Greg, shrimp for us, a shared Prime grade ribeye for Tom and Greg, fish sticks for us with a side of Brussels Sprouts...

Onward to the Airport...

Sunday, March 21, 2021

New Orleans: Sunday at Galatoire’s

A local institution...

Niece Daphne...

The appetizers include foie gras and crab cake...

And more...

Some of us chose the Bouillabaisse...

For others it was Gumbo or lamb chops...

Good onion rings too...

A great occasion for Kathy and all three of her brothers, along with a daughter / niece and a husband / brother-in-law.

New Orleans: Lunch at Pêche

Just two blocks from our hotel...

Perhaps our favorite NOLA meal so far. We enjoyed a seafood capellini dish. Tom and Greg vouched for the oysters.

Friday, March 19, 2021

New Orleans

Some of go fishing for Redfish on the Texaco Canals near Lafitte on our first full day in New Orleans.

Our boat contains Kathy’s brother Tom, nephew Eric, Mike the guide, and the two of us.

We have some success, catching seven fish among us.

Dinner at the house of Kathy’s brother Bentley night one, dinner Thursday evening for 12 at Vincent’s Italian cuisine, and Chinese food for lunch at Dian Xin with Kathy’s brothers Tom and Greg, who are staying with us at the new Higgins Hotel next to the WW II Museum.

After lunch Friday we wandered around the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street. It looks just as seedy as ever.

The place is thronging with tourists and we’re enjoying ourselves.

Friday, March 12, 2021

RNO-SEA-BLI on Props

It’s going to be a longer ride but that’s okay. Reno was fun.

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Atlantis in Reno

No shuttle but they reimburse the cab ride.

Nice people, pleasant room, and an uncrowded New York Deli.

It’s quiet here.

AS Skywest SEA-RNO

The E175 seems positively spacious with a 1-2 configuration.

We’re in Row 3 of First for this relatively short flight, but earning a lot of miles, thanks to the current Alaska promotions.

SEA North Terminal: Lunch at Bambuza

We’re going to use Priority Pass to enter the Alaska Lounge, and they’ll only let us in three hours before our flight.

We lunch at Bambuza.

Only those who buy alcohol get to sit in one of the booths, so Brian nobly steps up.

A cardboard presentation with plastic utensils, but actually quite tasty.

And now for a couple of hours in Alaska’s beautiful North Satellite Lounge.


What a beautiful day as we start a quick trip to Reno. It’s almost a shame to be leaving such glorious weather.

We board one of the little QX400s and take our seat in the front row on the right, the front row in the left being blocked off to give the crew a little space.

It’s up and away before long and we take off toward I-5 rather than over the ocean, something we’ve rarely noticed doing at Bellingham.

We’ll be laying over in Seattle for a couple of hours before flying onward.

It’s fun to be traveling again, and reassuring to know we can do so safely if the scientists are right.