Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Surviving a Hotel Fire

 We mentioned in our most recent post that we were sleepless in Seattle for awhile yesterday when an alarm went off at the Seattle Airport Hilton around 3:00 AM. 

Now safely back at home, we realize that this is at least our fourth such alarm experience in our travels, although this was the first one that woke us up in the middle of the night. 

There was that time in 2012 after breakfast at the Seattle Hilton, coincidentally the morning we were about to start a train trip with members of Kathy's family that would end in New Orleans a few days later. 

The very next year we were getting ready for dinner at the Zagreb Doubletree when the bells rang. 

In 2014 at the Hilton Lyon, we evacuated with other guests and learned afterwards that the staff had failed to deliver the letter informing guests that this "training drill" was scheduled to occur. 

We read an excellent FlyerTalk post some years ago, How to Survive a Hotel Fire, and one of our habits now when we arrive at a hotel room is to learn exactly where the nearest emergency exit is, in case we have to crawl there through smoke. We do not hang around for an announcement or try calling the front desk. We evacuate asap.

We'll be re-reading that post and check out a few other sources before our next trip.

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