Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Strolling in Downtown Rome

We enjoyed a mid-day siesta after the Vatican and took a five-person taxi to the People’s Oiazza. From there we walked to the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon (too late to go inside).

Breakfast Solidarity

We offered to order crepes for the girls at our final Rome breakfast. 

The flour contains bits so that ruled out the allergic granddaughter. The other two immediately declined them as well.

The waiter was impressed. “Solidarity,” he said.

We’re impressed too.

Better Twice Than Not at All

Duplicate posts through the miracle of Google Blogger but we’ll leave them up.

The Vatican Museum

It’s thankfully only a three-minute walk from our Best Western Plus Spring House Hotel. There we have a two-story family suite that impresses the girls (nice breakfast too!).

Our reserved tickets were for 10:00AM, and we hit the highlights for three hours, celebrating our time in the Sistine Chapel with some decent food in their pizzeria.

We’ll leave it to their parents to explain this fertility symbol.

An ancient map of Venice, our next stop.

Lunchtime finally...

Riley carefully picked off the tuna she’d mistakenly ordered.

Then it was down the 1930s spiral staircase and back to the hotel for a pleasant nap in the heat of the day.

The Vatican’s 1930s Spiral Staircase

Onward to the Sistine Chapel

An ancient map of Venice, our next stop...

The Vatican cafeteria - not bad...

Vatican Gazing