Saturday, February 27, 2016

Buenos Aires: Any Time Is Tango Time

We still enjoy our morning, noon, and night tango photos, taken in Plaza Dorrego right outside our hotel.

It takes two...

Bald Eagle Spotting in Blaine

You never know what you might see while out for a walk.

Smoggy Mexico City

We couldn't help but notice as we climbed out of MEX a few mornings ago.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Salt Peanuts at SFO International Terminal

MEX: Back in the Aeromexico Lounge

After a somewhat bumpy flight in which we still managed to get several hours of restful sleep, we got through Immigration and customs without problem.

Re-entering security was a bit delayed because an employee was obviously being trained on the job to read the X-rayed baggage. Still, everyone was friendly.

The Aeromexico Salon Lounge isn't as busy this morning as it was a few nights ago. As soon as we sat down an employee bustled up and offered us a choice of coffees, bringing us hot cups a couple of minutes later - very pleasant after an overnight flight.

We'd already been fortified by breakfast on the plane. This was the "light" non-omelette option.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

EZE Aerolineas Argentinas Terminal A Gate 14 Lounge

(This and the previous post are in reverse order because this one didn't publish until we landed. We did just fly from Buenos Aires to Mexico City!)

Once the checkin counter opened an hour after we arrived (Aeromexico warns customers to be at the airport three hours before flight time) everything was a breeze.

The Argentine authorities take your photo and your thumbprint on departure as well as arrival but it didn't take long, nor did security, a metal detector and cursory frisk.

We had something of a walk to the partner lounge, but it's just up an elevator from our gate (unless there's a change), a nice bonus.

We plan to sleep ASAP once we've boarded, and we'll be surprised and pleased if we don't wake up until we're landing at Mexico City nine hours later.

The lounge itself is spacious but not all that impressive. Still, a little space, free water and free Internet are all we want.

And now it's boarding time for an 11:55 p.m. Departure. Next stop MEX.

Of course, sometimes passengers have to stand in the jetway for 10 minutes while the crew go through their preflight preparations.

By finally we're aboard and ready to nap.

Adios Buenos Aires

A beautiful sunset on our quick 30-minute drive to EZE at 7:00p.m., only to learn our checkin counter doesn't open until 7:30.

Last Tango in Buenos Aires

Monday, February 22, 2016

Buenos Aires: Wandering to Puerto Madero

We've stayed at the Hilton in Puerto Madero on several previous visits to BA.

Today we thought it was timely to walk off some of last night's big dinner with a walk from San Telmo to the barrio next door.

We probably walked less than three miles total on our two-hour stroll, but it was getting warm (into the humid 80s) well before noon.

It's a trendy reclaimed port / industrial area, but it was quiet Monday morning.

On the way back we walked past Casa Rosada, the Argentine White House.

We remember seeing President Kirchner's personal helicopter coming and going from our hotel window. She's now gone and we wish the new president and all Argentineans a rosier future.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tango in Plaza Dorrego

A quick look on our way back to the hotel after dinner - they tango at all hours.

Buenos Aires: Parrilla La Brigada

A Parrilla is literally a grill, and tonight we dined at one of the more famous ones, about a seven-minute walk from our hotel.  

We started with an empanada and a Caprese salad. We split pork ribs and beef ribeye.

The friendly waiter demonstrates how tender the beef is by cutting it with a spoon. The service was great and we enjoyed our meal, even if we still prefer American beef.

A tricky way to attach the cork...

 A specially sharpened spoon?

Plenty of meat...

Buenos Aires: The Feria de San Telmo

The Sunday street fair, flea market, or whatever is one of the biggest draws in the city, and it starts in the square just outside our Anselmo Hotel. It stretches in at least three directions along blocks and blocks of city streets.

The market stretches to infinity and beyond.

An art wall outside a school...

Checking out some necklaces...

One of Brian's  favorite photos - a mature couple dancing the Tango...

Saturday, February 20, 2016

EZE Not So Eazy Today

Our flight landed right on time at EZE but then the fun began.

Long lines at Immigration, long lines at Customs, and an extremely slow line at Banco Nacion to exchange some currency.

We didn't leave the airport until 12:15, but our fast and friendly taxi driver, pre-booked through Taxi Ezeiza, got us to the Hilton Anselmo Curio Collection in good time.

Speaking of time, it's nap time for two hours