Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Baseball: The Bellingham Bells

What a glorious day in the Northwest to attend a baseball game. Three of our grandchildren are visiting us, along with their parents, and they suggested we attend the game. For something like $9 a ticket we got seats right behind home plate, and for a bonus today featured special events for the young ones nearby, including balloon animals and a bounce house.

This was new to us. The Bellingham Bells are a Collegiate Summer Baseball Team, part of the West Coast League. The team comprises college amateur players who have played at least one year and also have at least one year of collegiate eligibility remaining. 

They took on the Victoria Harbour Cats today. After attaining a 2-0 lead in early innings, they eventually got drubbed 9-2. The most spectacular single play included two errors, both overthrows.

Our grandkids saw wild pitches, a balk, successful steals, and all from up close. What a great afternoon.

The official mascot is Dinger, a hamster... a Bellinghamaster. Get it?