Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Trip Home

The Copa flight is fine, and the food is arguably superior to the previous night’s dinner.

The hot chicken sandwich snack served later is tasty and filling.

The views are interesting too.

We say our goodbyes to Tom and Ellyn in a Denver Airport United Lounge and board a United 737 for Vancouver. The flight is crowded and the seats are particularly uncomfortable, but we survive.

We stay overnight on points at the YVR Hilton, and are upgraded to a suite.

We’re strangely hungry and enjoy late-night happy hour snacks in Cavu Kitchen Bar, the hotel restaurant.

The vegetable soup diet starts tomorrow.

Panama City: Dinner at Maryland

Marula was recommended by the hotel, and it gets good reviews, but it was the most weirdly disappointing dinner of the trip, and also the most expensive. 

It takes fusion to ridiculous levels. This complimentary amuse bouche, a stylized tree, should have been a warning.

We appeared to be the only diners. No surprise...

We agreed Brian’s main course was the winner, such as it was. It was a small portion of lasagna that supposedly incorporated won ton dough and kimchi, although nobody detected either., probably just as well.

Intercontinental Miramar: Room Replacement

When Luciano dropsus off, we pick up the key to our new room.

It’s a couple of floors higher, it’s a corner room with a fantastic view, and best of all it proves to be quiet.

Panama City’s Old Quarter: Casco Viejo

This was a pleasant finale to our tour, especially since it wasn’t too hot. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Panama City Seafood Market

Our visit to the Mercado de Mariscos proves to be a highlight when Luciano tells Tom its possible to  buy seafood in the market and have it cooked to order in the little restaurant upstairs.

That’s all the incentive Tom needs. Before long he’s bought a red snapper, huge white shrimp, and scallops, averaging about $3 a pound. 

Then it’s upstairs to discuss preparation with a waitress.

While we wait, we enjoy a beer or two.

Lunch arrives. Other than disastrously overbooked scallops, it’s all delicious.

Luciano even gets a nice little box of leftovers to take home.

Touring Panama City: Bridge of the Americas

The bridge was built in the 1960’s and is part of the Pan-American Highway.

Tom and Ellyn strike a pose with the ever-kindly Luciano.

Later on, in an area recently reclaimed from the sea with material from the new dig, We four conspire to block the beautiful view.