Monday, September 28, 2020

Home Again

A beautiful wedding in Texas Hill Country in Wimberley near the town of Kyle also gave us a chance to catch up with Kathy’s family, including the latest additions.

A nice shot of most of the Hamilton clan and spouses who were present. Kathy enjoyed her encounters with a five-year-old grand-niece and an even younger grand-nephew.

Right now we’re using up a couple of our Alaska Lounge passes to relax at SEA for a few hours before flying up to Bellingham.

It’s a quiet lounge.

Among other experiences, this trip has taught us to sympathize with those who have to wear masks and/or shields eight hours a day.

We’re looking forward to wandering around our own house maskless, as well as drinking our own house coffee after a week of weak motel-room brews and sometimes even powdered “coffee whitener.”

Other than that, it’s been a great little trip.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Dorrego’s in San Antonio

Argentine-style cuisine not far from our hotel...

Barging Down the San Antonio River

A pleasant 25-minute cruise with Tom and Ellyn...

A pleasant and properly socially distanced experience.

The Alamo

We made a quick visit. It always (Brian was here once with his parents circa 1960) seems smaller than imagined.

Like visiting the site of  the Battle of Little Big Horn, it is sobering to see a place where so many died in such a small area.

We wander through the statue garden and see several famous heroes of the battle, including Davy Crockett in his coonskin cap.

Pinch Boil: Vietnamese in San Antonio

Quite tasty order-at-the-counter place just across through a parking lot from our Hampton Inn.

The loaded (crab) French Fries must be a local touch for Texans.

San Antonio RiverWalk

First trip in awhile.