Monday, February 19, 2018

The Ride to CKG

Miles and miles of light decorations along the way that our camera can't capture adequately- spectacular!

 Chongqing's airport (CKG) is modern and huge. The areas we traversed weren't crowded tonight.

The exit bureaucracy was efficient and polite. We eventually made our way to the contract lounge and are relaxing here until we board our flight, departing at 10:00 PM, 9:00 AM New York time. We're due to land at JFK at 11:50 PM EST, 14 hours and 50 minutes later.

Burano Restaurant in Paradise Walk Mall, Chongqing

We chose an Italian restaurant in Paradise Walk, the huge mall across from the Doubletree, for our last dinner in China this trip.

That's shameful, but it was pretty darned good and we don't regret our choice. We ordered a shared appetizer plate, lasagne, and a glass of Italian wine.

They kindly comped us a shared dessert.

And then it was back to the Doubletree to await our Hainan car.

Chongqing Food Court

Beef Offal and other snacks, many on skewers..,

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tea Time in Chongqing

After leaving the hustle and bustle of the Hongya Cave, we crossed the street, looking for a place to sit overlooking the river.

We walked down some stairs and came across a tranquil little tea place with recorded flute music playing.

The friendly owner spoke some English and served us excellent green tea. We sat for at least half an hour, feeling like we'd found some quiet little village in the midst of this metropolis of 30 million.

'Hongya Cave' in Chongqing

This is listed in Trip Advisor as the number one tourist attraction in Chongqing, so we took a taxi across the river Sunday morning to see for ourselves. It's a sprawling, multi-storey collection of buildings that's hard to describe, even - make that especially- after reading this.

We wandered through parts of it, staring and being stared at, bought a replacement panda for a grandchild (hers having been destroyed by a visiting dog), and soaked up the atmosphere with thousands of Chinese.

Doubletree Chongqing Breakfast Buffet

Chongqing Hotel Hopping: Doubletree North

We moved from the Hilton to the Doubletree North for our final two nights in Chongqing.

The room is smaller and hotter but nice otherwise.

We had a total of four employees in our room trying to assist. They brought us a fan, a woman removed the duvet bag (she started to remove the bottom sheet until we stopped her - no shortage of language barriers here), and we managed the night.

This is a different area and we enjoyed a lot of people watching (and people watching us) as we wandered through the upscale shopping malls just outside the door.

And the people...