Friday, November 30, 2018

Landing at Frankfurt

We were impressed by the food and friendly service on our Condor flight.

The seats are angle-flat and narrow, but we managed.

We just barely squeezed our smallish rollaboards into the overhead bins, and will just check them on future flights - certainly the smallest overheads we’ve ever seen on such a large plane.

We emerged from fog to land a bit early at Frankfurt.

After a long taxi we parked at an actual gate (we’d anticipated a remote gate and a bus ride).

We made our way through immigration and security and are now relaxing in a Lufthansa Senator Lounge.

Condor sold us the LH ticket as part of our Seattle to Munich itinerary. We’ll earn Alaska miles on the Condor flight. We got our United numbers on new Lufthansa boarding passes at a service center, so we’ll earn a piddling few UA miles and, more important, the LH Senator Lounge access that we’re now enjoying.

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