Friday, November 16, 2018

Ashore in Charleston

Our final true port day of this cruise turns out to be a beautifully sunny one in Charleston, SC. The temperature overnight dipped down to 39, and the sunshine is welcome.

Insignia is docked only a couple of blocks from the public market, and we stroll through that. It’s not too wide, but it stretches for upwards of two or three blocks.

At one end is a confederate museum run by Daughters of the Confederacy. We saw it on our previous visit, found it frankly a little strange, and give it a miss this time. Quite an edifice though.

The old US Custom House is an impressive building.

Once back on board, we lunch outside at the Terrace Cafe on Deck 9, giving us a good view of the Custom House and a good chunk of this lovely low-rise City..

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