Sunday, December 9, 2018

Gate 1 Monarch Queen Christmas Market Cruise: Frankfurt Finale

We docked in Frankfurt’s Osthaven (East Harbor) this morning.

The Monarch Queen was subbed for a superior boat that couldn’t get to Regensberg due to low water, but it’s been quite comfortable and we’ve enjoyed the cruise.

After breakfast we rode a bus past the grand Osthaven headquarters of the European Central Bank toward the central part of the city. It looks in its majestic isolation even taller than its 48-story 607-feet height.

There are other high rises in Frankfurt, unlike in most German cities.

There we met our young guide and took a leisurely walking tour of the old town.

She stopped us in one small square containing buildings that were completed as part of a huge government project as recently as 2016, st a total cost of 2 billion Euros - good grief!

There were other sights to see, more Glühwein mugs and Lebkuchen to buy for grandchildren, and a pizza for a change of lunch.

Pizza with a view...

And the Lebkuchen stand to complete our modest purchases...

We’re back aboard and packing up. We’ve already scouted out a tram stop no more than a five-minute walked from the boat. We can take that to the Hauptbahnhof and transfer to an S-Bahn that will whisk us to the airport, all for about 5 Euros each.

With our Condor FRA-SEA flight not leaving until 2:05 PM (and scheduled to land st 3:55 PM), we’re hoping for a leisurely day.

We never take that for granted though.

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