Saturday, December 8, 2018


Our excellent guide for the famous Residenz showed us many highlights.

No photos are allowed inside, so we just enjoyed the views, including the huge and magnificent frescoes by Tiepolo on the ceiling.

In 1750, he accepted a commission from Prince Bishop Karl Philip von Greiffenklau to decorate the latter's residenz at Wurzburg. He and his two sons completed the massive undertaking in an amazingly short period of time.

They miraculously survived the WWII bombing that otherwise leveled the city and killed 5,000 inhabitants.

One of the “Monuments Men” (see the movie) is still honored for saving the treasures in this building.

From there, we walked through the gardens, and following that down to the center of the Old Town and the Christmas Market.

We bought some candles from a nice lady running this candle stand.

And another cup of Glühwein.

Then it was back to the boat with pleasant memories of  Würzburg.

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