Thursday, December 6, 2018

Touring Bamberg

Bamberg is a small city (pop. 75,000) with a particularly beautiful Altstadt (Old Town). It’s perhaps our favorite stop so far.

We followed a pleasant young guide on a tour of the highlights. Leaving our boat, we rode a bus for less than 10 minutes. 

Before long, we were strolling along a picturesque waterfont on our way to the Old Town.

Beautiful sights, a quiet Thursday morning, and no rain - it couldn’t be better.

Then it was up the hill for a closer look at the impressive medieval cathedral and nearby buildings.

We slipped into an empty rose garden to get a great view of the mainly red tile rooftops - how Germanic!

Then we walked back down the hill to view the painted walls of the Rathaus, the old city hall.

More sights to see, including the Christmas Market...

Here’s a German postman on his rounds.

Since we were ashore anyway, we ate lunch at the Hofbräu, a decent place.

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