Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Touring Panama City: The Canal

We’ve arrived home and are enjoying the recent memories of our Panama City tour Sunday with Luciano.

As we last posted, he started us off with a visit to the Panama Canal’s Miraflores Locks, since ships were going through only until 11:30AM.

The Atlantic and Pacific share the same “sea level.” Ships passing through the canal are lifted by fresh water about 26 feet into what was the world’s largest artificial lake until the Hoover Dam was built and Lake Mead was formed, before descending 26 feet through locks on the other side.

In the background, you can see a larger MSC ship floating through the new section that opened only a few days after our 2016 visit. Those large ships pay up to a million dollars per trip!

We spent quite awhile in the excellent museum in the visitor center. It is, after all, an immense engineering achievement.

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