Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Our Icelandic Northern Lights Tour

We saw the Northern Lights Tuesday night.

First we rode a tour bus for an hour or so to a hot springs pool near a lake. We soaked in the hot tubs for nearly an hour. It was only a few degrees below freezing (25 F / -2 C) so the walk back to the locker rooms wasn't that bad.

We then spent a leisurely hour on-site for a decent dinner buffet, all this part of our Icelandair package.

We then boarded the bus for a parking lot in the nearby national park, where the Northern Lights put on a fine display.

Don't be fooled by the dismal photos below from our iPhone. Kathy got some decent shots that we'll share we return home at the end of the week.

We learned something else: Cameras capture the colors much more vividly than the human eye. We saw mainly whitish lights across the skies; cameras capture the greens and other colors.

If you look hard, you might see a little green, but better photos will follow.

Don't strain your eyes trying!

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