Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hotel Fire Alarms: Know Your Exit Route

We forgot to mention one little incident one evening during our stay at the Doubletree in Zagreb.

As we were getting ready to go next door for dinner, an ear-piercing alarm sounded and a voice on a public address system advised us there was a fire alarm and directed us to evacuate the building immediately. What to take and what to leave? We left items in our safe, including our passports, but grabbed Kathy's purse and headed out.

An employee was directing people to the stairs and down we walked eight flights, along with some people in their bathrobes (fortunately we never found out what was - or wasn't - underneath robes). We found out on the ground floor that somebody left a door open in the pool area, causing steam to interact with the smoke detectors and... you know the rest.

We were quickly given the all-clear and took the elevator back up to our room. In the confusion, we'd managed to put on each other's jackets and Kathy didn't notice that until we were back in our room.

It was a good reminder to check out where the emergency exits are, not necessarily easy to find if the corridor is filled with smoke, and to make sure you know what if anything you're going to grab on the way out the door.

If we were really organized, we'd probably keep our passports immediately accessible whenever we're in the room, but we're not.

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