Tuesday, April 30, 2013

T-Ball Skills In Mount Vernon

Our final stop of the road trip before home was to watch Riley and Blane in their first day of a T-Ball skills program at the YMCA. Riley got right into the swing of things. Three-year-old Blane? Let's just say he had more good moments than bad moments. The first good moment was posing in his brand-new shirt with his sister.
Riley sits calmly on the artificial turf. Even near the beginning of May it was still a good day for playing indoors.

Blane isn't so sure about the crab-walking exercise.
Riley's a good runner.
Truth be told, the real highlight of the day for them was helping Grandma scoop up tadpoles in a pond near their house and installing them into an aquarium on their back porch. Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the experience too, even the extra trip back from the pond with a wagonload of pond water in buckets.

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