Thursday, April 4, 2013

Amazing! A Sunny Day For A Walk In Munich

Okay, maybe that sounds sarcastic, but it's really the longest amount of sunny weather we've experienced since we arrived in Munich a couple of weeks ago.

It was much more crowded than we would have thought (a school holiday or people just playing hookey to enjoy Spring?) and that slowed our walk to a stroll at times. We still managed to cover a few miles and didn't use public transit at all.

It didn't take us long to find the Victualienmarkt, the popular public market where locals and aliens buy their vittles.

The sign near the middle proclaims an ancient Munich "purity law."

We were only window shopping and spent a moment admiring the black and white truffles displayed at two adjacent truffle shops before moving onward.
Everything looked good but there were no bargains compared to our own prices.

One little potato shop had no fewer than six or seven varieties of potatoes, of which these are only three.

It was time to move on. We still had a lot of walking to do to deserve lunch.

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