Thursday, April 4, 2013

Munich: Return To The Hofbräuhaus

We've been here before and we decided informally our last day in Munich should include a visit to the Hofbräuhaus.

Is it a tourist trap - or at least a magnet? Could you buy food and beer for less money? Yes and yes to both questions but still...

The Hofbräuhaus has both a history (and not all of it good) and a mystique. Besides, many locals visit it regularly, with their table reserved at certain times and their beer steins locked away in cupboards. That's something to consider for tourists who don't want to feel too embarrassed to drop by.

Basically, the beer is good (this visit we got smart and ordered the half-liters, about a pint, rather than the more impressive liter), the food is good heavy Germanic fare, and our lunch/dinner of a sausage plate and kraut for Kathy, along with a schnitzel and potato salad for Brian, totaled around 32 Euros. Not bad.
The coaster indicates that our table is reserved for this group Friday nights. Be careful where you sit.
They do a good job with the food here...
And the traditional oompah-band plays a new tune every few minutes.
We recorded a few seconds of them. Please have a look and listen here.

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