Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue Skies In Seattle

At least the skies are blue in between the clouds as we get a start on the day and peer out the rain-spattered window of our International Boulevard / Airport Hampton Inn.

Naturally, showers are predicted for much of the day, but the weather is certainly warmer than we've experienced for the past two weeks and is expected to be up into the low 50s - wow, heat wave!

The breakfast this morning was less than inspiring, the hot items being a chunky version of scrambled eggs in one pan and sausage gravy in the other, that same concoction that Brian's late father mistook for oatmeal some years ago.

We stuck with starchy items and will look forward to some protein at lunch.

We're going to take the shuttle to the airport in awhile and ride the 10:00 a.m. shuttle up as far as Burlington, where we stashed our car with Riley, Blane, Jace, and their parents. We hope to take them out for a high-protein lunch as a thank-you before driving home to Birch Bay and finding out what's growing in our garden.

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