Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Slovenia Eats

Last night we made a reservation and enjoyed a thoroughly charming dining experience at the well-reviewed Marley and Me, only a couple of blocks past the Triple Bridge.

The owner (whether "Marley" or "Me") was friendly and helpful. We arrived at 7:00 p.m. as one couple was leaving and for a brief time were the only ones in the tiny restaurant, which seats as few as 24. Before we knew it, the place was filled almost to capacity and we were glad we had dropped by earlier in the afternoon to make reservations.

One of their traditional Slovenia dishes is a house-made pasta stuffed with meat. He cheerfully served us a split plate as an appetizer. For our main course Kathy chose sea bass and Brian the pork medallions. The servings were large and we got to try three different types of Slovenian red wine, as the restaurant policy is to make wine by the glass as cheap as by the bottle. We haven't yet found a Slovenian wine that wows us. From our very limited sampling, we'd whisper that we somewhat prefer Croatian wines, but of course would never admit that here in Ljubljana.
It was a great evening for us.

Today, after visiting the Postojna Cave, we arrived back at the bus station wet and cold and with an hour before the next bus left for Ljubljana. With some misgivings we entered a tiny Chinese restaurant a block away and were rewarded with a tasty and cheap lunch of Hot and Sour Soup, Pan-Fried Rice Noodles, and Szechuan Pork, accompanied by a pot of green tea served with a smile for 17 Euros all in.

It was not just adequate - it was good!

And now that we're back in our hotel room and almost dried off we may head out for one more quick walk around Ljubljana before packing up and generally getting ready to board our train to Munich tomorrow morning. We may even find time for a beer and a snack.

Addendum... We did indeed go out for one last dinner. Our choice was Julija, another well-reviewed establishment that sits right next door to Marley & Me. 

Kathy enjoyed her Gulasch and Brian's lasagne was also very tasty. The sheep's-cheese appetizer included four large chunks of pleasantly sharp cheese, with bread on the side and some olive oil drizzled pleasantly on the plate. We each had a beer as an aperitif and a glass of wine with dinner. Somehow the wine tasted better tonight - does the beer help?

If anything, we might have preferred the dishes we ate here to those in Marley & Me, although that's a simple matter of choice and we'd happily return to either restaurant.

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