Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birmingham Baby / Back Ribs

Actually, Riley's not a baby - she'll be two toward the end of July - but we couldn't resist the "baby-back-ribs" title. Riley is plenty old enough to enjoy a ride on a carousel and a spin in a car at the carnival sponsored by the neighborhood elementary school.

Other than carnivals, Riley and her parents and we enjoyed visiting some Birmingham-area restaurants during our recent brief visit. Birmingham is well known for its own barbecue tradition. That plate of ribs and beef brisket in the photo was enjoyed at a Golden Rule not too far from Kim's and John's house. On past visits, we've also enjoyed ourselves at Full Moon.

We'll happily work away through various top-ten lists and any glowing recommendations, including a stop someday at Miss Myra's, praised by the Wall Street Journal no less.

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