Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Day and Independence Day

Living as the close to the border as we do, we get to share in the celebrations and holidays that occur between July 1 and July 4. That's one of the reasons there's been a timeout on our Baltic Cruise report.

This year was a special treat here in Birch Bay. The weather was fantastic. Best of all, our two Canadian grandkids and their parents visited us on the Fourth of July weekend after enjoying Canada Day in B.C., the best of both worlds!

While the organized fireworks displays in Bellingham and Blaine aren't visible from the beach, there were enough amateurs shooting setting off bright and noisy displays to make that entertained us well over an hour before going home to bed. We also enjoyed our own sparklers and "fountains" and snakes.

One of these days, when Jake and Taegan and our other grandchildren are a little older, it'll be time to tell them a little bit more about history, and why Canada and the U.S. respectively celebrate these days. We might show them a picture of their great-great-grandfather on Kathy's side of the family, General Elisha Bentley Hamilton.

What an enjoyable weekend for us!

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