Friday, August 7, 2009

Las Vegas Hilton - A Touch of Old Las Vegas

Yes, you can expect any hotel featuring a 279 ft (85.04 m) sign, the largest freestanding sign in the world, will be larger than the average Holiday Inn Express. The Las Vegas Hilton has, from time to time, been the largest hotel in the world housing the largest casino.

It has many claims to fame, but one of the most enduring is as Elvis's venue, where he performed sold-out shows between 1969 and 1976. Is it a sign of aging baby boomers that the big-name headliner is now Barry Manilow? A statue of Elvis is located tastefully adjacent to the lobby entrance. When we stopped by, a few flowers and a card from the Elvis Fan Club had been placed at the base.


We had a perfectly fine room on the 15th floor in the East Tower. It's a healthy walk from there to the lobby, not surprising in a hotel with over 3000 rooms. This view is looking from the area of the East Tower elevators toward the lobby, restaurants, and casino. It's down there somewhere.

A bonus for Hilton Diamond and Gold members is daily VIP complimentary access to the full buffet breakfast. Between that and the $40 room charge we would have made money on the deal if it weren't for those darned slot machines.

The Las Vegas Hilton also has its own Monorail stop, giving us a handy and cost-effective option to get from one part of the Strip to another.

And now we can say we've stayed in the world's largest Hilton Hotel.

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