Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our 2009 Cruises

First, let's get the confession off our chests. We overdid it, at least by our own standards. We'd planned two transatlantic cruises, one spring and one fall, allowing us to buy round-trip air tickets and take advantage of the attractive pricing of a repositioning cruise. As we were concluding our March transatlantic on Oceania's Regatta, the price they were offering for a Baltic cruise was fairly amazing, so after thinking seriously we jumped at it.

And that's how we came to spend 42 days cruising in 2009:

March 2-23 Regatta 16-day transatlantic Miami to Barcelona

June 1-15 Regatta 14-day Baltic Cruise Stockholm to Dover

September 2-14 Jewel of The Sea 12-day transatlantic Harwich to Boston

We shared some thoughts about our cruising experiences back in August.

Our favorite cruise line? Still Oceania but we haven't found a cruise line yet that we wouldn't return to, if the price were right.

Our favorite cruise? Still the transatlantic. We love sea days and prefer them to the more crowded ports.

We're not heavy-duty cruisers. No, really! There are folks who practically live on ships. Still, it's hard to turn down a bargain.

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