Monday, April 14, 2014

Bathroom Renovation: Grappling with Granite

Last week Brian picked up a slab of Brazilian granite at Scrivanich in Bellingham, where we had been able to choose from among a variety of suitable "remnants" to find a piece that really appealed to us. Dennis at Scrivanich couldn't have been more friendly or helpful.

The timing was perfect. Dennis helped Brian load it into the car, and our David, who was visiting, was waiting at home to be at the front end as we carried the 160-pound piece into the bathroom and laid it on the vanity. Dave also held it up at various angles to allow Kathy to caulk underneath.

We've put the project on hold for a few days due to a delightful influx of grandchildren but we'll carry on as soon as we shake off our not-so-delightful colds.

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