Monday, March 4, 2019

Ground Hold at Gatwick

After that long flight into Gatwick, we noticed our connecting flight onward to Amsterdam was due to leave on time but land nearly two hours late.

Connecting internationally here has been a breeze both times, perhaps because not too many passengers have such connections.

It was almost a push to reach the gate on time, in part because we stopped at the BA Lounge for a coffee (and a restroom) and the lift was out of commission when we left. Three flights of stairs and then a long walk to the gate.

There is wind in Amsterdam and they’re down to one runway. We’re sitting on the ground here until AMS ATC gives the go-ahead.

Our 80-minute flight is just about doubled, but on the bright side the captain is giving tours of the flight deck. Jolly good show on his part!

An easyJet plane also bound for AMS has joined us, and our A320 is not a bad place to sit for an extra 90 minutes, given that our hotel room may not be available until mid-afternoon.

Update: the engines have started and were predicted to land just before noon, close to two hours late.

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