Sunday, November 8, 2020

A Sunday Stroll in Lake Whatcom Park

Another day, another lake. This time it's Lake Padden Park, adjacent to the 10-mile long lake that's the water supply for about 85,000 people, half of the residents of Bellingham. 

It's a beautiful Sunday and rain is predicted for the next several days, so we decide to drive to Bellingham and take a walk along Hertz Trail.

From the sign near the parking lot, it's about a half-mile walk down a gentle slope to the trail.

The trees are majestic.

We arrive at the Hertz Trail that runs along the lake. It was formerly a railroad right-of-way and makes for a gentle walk.

We walk for a mile, find a bench with a view, and stop to eat the sandwiches we've brought along.

We then retrace our way back to the car, racking up a gentle and exceedingly pleasant three miles as we share the trail with friendly singles, couples, and families with children and pets. It's so nice to see people again, even when socially distanced.

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