Saturday, February 4, 2023

The SFO Alaska Lounge

Yesterday we took off in windy conditions from BLI (Bellingham) for a quick trip to TPA (Tampa) with an outbound overnight stop in San Francisco.

The short BLI-SEA leg was bumpy much of the way. SEA-SFO was pleasant, with the hardworking flight attendants serving drinks and a light meal on the 678-mile flight (we’ve been upgraded all the way).

We stayed last night in the SFO Airport Hilton, and were fortunate not to have to wait for the contracted shuttle bus for more than 15 minutes.

This morning we shuttled back early enough so we could spend some time in the fairly new Alaska Lounge.

It’s lovely, and also very quiet on a Saturday morning.

We ordered a couple of Cappuccinos from the resident barista, and are relaxing with those.

SFO is both rainy and foggy this morning, but this lounge is downright cozy and a good start to the day. The Lounge pancake machine is also worth a visit.

Our recent Australian visitor sent us a screenshot of the weather conditions he faced yesterday in Boston. Check out the windchill factor!

Stay warm, Damon!

Update… Our SFO-TPA flight is near empty, a rarity for us. No wonder it was such a bargain.


FS said...

Quite a change from its days as the AC..! I miss seeing the tree in the middle of the lounge.

Anonymous said...

The barista makes up for it.