Friday, May 26, 2023

Tasmanian Devil Sighting in Hobart Australia

Our one-hour Virgin Australia flight MEL-HOB found us relegated toward the back in knee-squishing seats, but we managed.

Such happily rare experiences remind us how fortunate we are on most of our flights.

We took off and landed (hard!) in light rain, and discovered an Uber right to the door of hotel was exactly the same price as the SkyBus at about AUS $40, so Uber it was.

We had some Marriot points available, so we booked five nights at The Tasman, Luxury Collection by Marriott and hit the jackpot with a beautiful room in the old wing.

The curtains open as we enter the rom, quite a dramatic touch. The staff even arranged a small birthday cake for Kathy. That tub is a treat for her too.

Are these high ceilings or what?

After a good sleep, we went for a walk with long-time FlyerTalk friend Brendan and his lovely wife, Nok. We’re close to the waterfront.

The fisherman we asked told us these traps are used to catch crayfish.

Oh, and about that Tasmanian Devil?

The sighting actually took place in the local museum and art gallery.

We topped off the morning with a light lunch at a decent Thai restaurant.

We greatly enjoyed seeing old friends at last night’s opening Oz Fest dinner.

As we look out our window this morning, we spy part of the Saturday market that we and others will visit.

That market is huge, stretching for blocks, and fun for window shopping and gawking,

Later today we’re looking forward to a short cruise before attending a late Oz Fest dinner at The Drunken Admiral. So far the weather is holding, but it can change rapidly in these parts.

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