Sunday, November 5, 2023

Dinner with Riviera’s General Manager

What did we do to deserve this?

Last night Emma, Riviera’s General Manager, and Marlena, the Executive Concierge, hosted two other couples and us to an elaborate dinner in Privée, the private dining room sandwiched at the ship’s aft between Polo and Toscana.

A charming greeter in white tie and tails greeted us at the entrance to Toscana, and ushered us all through to the “secret” entrance.

We found our place cards and admired the beautiful table as Emma invited us to sit down.

The two ladies were charming hosts and the conversation could include everyone in our small party of eight.

We had at least five or six employees serving us, and the managers and chefs of both restaurants were introduced as well.

We had our choice of anything in the menus from both restaurants, making it a difficult decision.

Kathy chose Beef Carpaccio and Foie Gras as appetizers, and Brian the Involtini, one of his favorites.

We both chose a steak from Polo, with a side dish of Gnocchi from Toscana.

Brian also enjoyed a mushroom-filled pastry.

The sommelier kept our glasses topped with a South African Chenin Blanc and an Argentine Malbec.

Brian found room for a Fudge Brownie.

The other two couples, from Texas and Belgium respectively, seemed to enjoy the evening as much as we did.

We didn’t need to feel bad for Greg, Tom, and Ellyn, as they’d managed to pick up an extra reservation in Toscana, so we all dined well.

A very special evening!


FriendlySkies said...

Looks delicious!

Kathy and Brian said...

It certainly was. Oceania is a cruise line for serious foodies, and the company was as enjoyable as the menu.