Monday, April 22, 2024

Mastering the Art of Leisurely Senior Travel

The title is a fancy way of saying we took it easy on our last full day in Peru. If it feels good to relax, and we have no commitments, we’re learning to relax (loaf?) without feeling guilty about it.

Yesterday’s enjoyable cooking class with Chef Hector kept us on our feet (and on our toes) for several hours. Tomorrow is going to be an annoyingly arduous travel day. 

Our hotel pickup with Taxi Datum is scheduled for 4:00 AM, as our LIM-MIA flight on AA departs at 6:30 AM.

We’re due to land in MIA at 1:30 PM EDT after a six-hour flight. We’ll presumably have nearly four hours at one of the world’s least favorite airports to clear immigration, clear TSA security, and board our MIA-SFO flight for a 5:24 PM departure, landing at SFO six and a half hours later at 8:53 PM PDT.

Not to whine. We’re in first class on both flights but the reality is that it’ll be a long day that includes an early departure, a late arrival, and about 12 1/2 hours in the air.

So how did we spoil ourselves today? We started with a pleasant outdoor breakfast in the Hilton’s Social Restaurant.

Next came a long  bath for Kathy and a shower for Brian.

Ready to face the day, we strolled the 11 minute route to the Miraflores cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean, and also the Larcomar Shopping Center.

Earlier we’d visited the statue of Paddington Bear, a gift of the British Embassy in 2015. The beloved bear’s bio reveals he came from “darkest Peru.”

There was ample time for people watching before ambling back to the hotel.

Saturday night we’d dined at Guarg├╝ero, an attractive restaurant just down the street from the Hilton.

Where to eat on our final day? Much as we like ceviche, we were ready for a break. We’d received several good dining suggestions, including from readers of our blog, but first thought a simple hamburger at Papacho’s around the corner would satisfy us. Sadly, we discovered it’s no longer there.

At this point, we noticed El Parrillon de Pablo Profumo (Pablo Profumo’s Steakhouse) across the street and decided to give it a try.

Beef is a big deal here, with one page of the menu devoted to imported American Certified Angus Beef, and another page featuring special cuts from Uruguay.

We chose a mixed grill for two that included house-made sausage, rump steak, ribeye steak, baked potato, green salad, and two glasses of wine for 240 Sols, or about USD $60 - not bad!

We requested rare and it came out rare. It was a very good ending to what was largely a food trip (but then most of our trips turn out that way).

We’re all packed and relaxing for one last time in the quiet Hilton Executive Lounge.

We’ll miss this spot, but it will be nice to be back home for awhile, and maybe even try a pisco sour on U.S. soil.

And so ends our leisurely travel day in Lima.


Bonnie said...

Such an amazing trip you have had ….wow do I ever miss the yummy salads they have there. It sounds like a long flight but first class isn’t too hard to take is it? So… U2…. Where next? I am enjoying living vicariously through your travels!!!

Kathy and Brian said...

Great fruits and vegetables here! As for us, we’re headed to Australia in late May.