Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Global Perspective

Yesterday I showed Jake on his world globe our route when we fly from Bangkok January 28 to Narita (Tokyo) to San Francisco to Seattle, stay overnight, and then onward to Denver to Washington-Dulles to Munich, stay overnight, and then onward to Naples, arriving January 31. He’s really getting the idea.

I pointed out Russia on the globe.

“Have you been there, Gappy?” he asked. No, we haven’t yet.

“I’d like you to go everywhere.”

Me too. Plugging in our flights on the WebFlyer MileMarker tool tonight, and understanding there’s a bit of zigging and zagging, the total flying distance BKK-NRT-SFO-SEA-DEN-IAD-MUC-NAP is 15918 miles.

Since Earth is just under 25000 miles in circumference at the Equator, I think we could have found a shortcut, but it would have cost us more money and earned us fewer miles.

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