Friday, January 30, 2009

Guten Tag München!

Since the previous post we've flown to Seattle, enjoyed a too-quick visit with three grandkids, slept for an hour in an airport hotel, and then boarded a flight to DEN at 5:40 a.m. We met K's brother Greg and sister-in-law June in Denver and flew to IAD (Washington Dulles)on a 777. We then got organized for the flight across the pond.

It was a very pleasant flight IAD-MUC, and a fortunate one for Greg and June, who were able to buy up into Business Class on a quite empty flight. While they rest, the two of us have already gone for a brisk walk - the temp is hovering around the freezing point - to work off some of the combination of airplane food and sitting that has occupied the majority of our most recent 48 hours.

We'll wander around Munich a little bit later before hopping on a plane for Naples tomorrow. We hope to try an authentic Napolitan pizza (invented in Napoli as legend has it) before boarding an overnight ferry for Catania Sicily. Blogging may be light for awhile but we should be able to post some pictures sometime in the next few days.

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