Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spawning Salmon at Sucker's Creek

Our Australian guests happened to be visiting us in early October, the time of year that the salmon make their amazing trek from the ocean back up the rivers to lay their eggs and die. As former longtime Hope B.C. residents, we knew Sucker's Creek well. When other organizations became involved in rehabilitating and upgrading the site (and it's a fine accomplishment!) the old name was deemed unsuitable, and it became officially known as "Kawkawa Creek," as posted on the elaborate sign in the new parking lot.

The District of Hope Council staked out their position on this back in 2002, as their Minutes show. "Furthermore, the area has always been known as Sucker’s Creek. When repairs are undertaken the Kawkawa Creek sign should be replaced with the name Sucker’s Creek." Yes, to the locals it will always and forever be Sucker's Creek, as the signs closest to the creek indicate. That'll show 'em!

You can play "spot the salmon" by clicking on the picture and looking in the lower right hand corner...

A brief video is below. Kathy worked the camera while Brian can be heard making helpful suggestions in the background: "Go, go, go! Get him? Oh, it's a rock. There's a fish. Did you get him?" etc.

Information about the life cycle of the Pacific salmon is readily available. It's a truly amazing facet of our natural world.

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