Friday, March 5, 2010

An Embarrassing Moment at the TSA Checkpoint

The best stories are the ones we tell on ourselves, because we know we aren't hurting anybody's feelings.

In all of our rush leaving the Disney Magic and making our way to the Orlando Airport with five family members, we did forget one or two details.

After seeing them off in their minivan we stride confidently to the nearest TSA checkpoint, looking forward to some time in United's Red Carpet Club at MCO. After x-raying our bag, they inform us we're not allowed to take liquids. Oh, we reply loftily, we carry empty water bottles to refill. The carry-on is nonetheless opened for search.

When the woman pulls out the first long-neck bottle of Corona, Kathy quickly realizes that the leftover adult beverages that she'd been planning to pass along to David never got passed along in the rush. We hastily explain and apologize as the TSA agent pulls out five bottles of Corona and two half-filled mickeys, one each of gin and vodka. It doesn't help when she drops one, and it's at that moment we feel as if all the eyes in the airport were upon us.

We escape without a fine, and it's left to Brian to relay the sad news to son David that he'll have to acquire his own Coronas, since the TSA now has our collective liquid assets.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! I would've loved to be there to see that! Did you quickly swig it down before going through?! LOL