Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Santiago Lunch at La Piccola Italio

Greg sniffed out an Italian restaurant on a quiet Santiago Sunday no more than a block from the hotel at which we're relaxing.

La Piccola Italio proved to be a very pleasant place to while away a couple of hours. We only find out later that it's, alas, a chain, but we do see why they're successful. We had a couple of family-style dishes, a pasta and a mixed meat dish. The latter was served in a metal chafing dish powered by a charcoal - lucky the ventilation was so good.

We tried out a couple of Chilean wines, a modest white followed by a Concho Y Toro Carménère, a label we're more than familar with back home. Carménère, of course, is as classic a wine in Chile as Malbec is in Argentina.

We drove by some of the Concho Y Toro vineyards earlier today on our drive from Valparaiso to Santiago. They're a big winery by most world standards. Their wine is nonetheless good and that Casillero del Diablo label is downright tasty.

Yes, this has been much more pleasant than sitting in a tent at SCL but we'll have a turn at that shortly. Next stop Buenos Aires...

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