Saturday, June 5, 2010

Choppers II

We mislaid our camera in Kathy's purse before our Esso Heliport Tour, but our friend (and recently retired pilot) Bill came through with photos on his iPhone.

We watched a couple of these fairly large helicopters actually taxi down the runway to help them lift off with up to 11 passengers, counting pilot and co-pilot, for their trips out to the off-shore rigs. Bill made it sound as if it's not all that complicated to use one of these joysticks. Easy for him to say...

With several flights to and from the rigs scheduled each day, it's an impressive operation, and we were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to tour it with Bill.


Dennis Warner said...

The Esso Heliport tour sounds like a great experience. And as I write this you're at a football game and guess what? I was just flipping through the channels and up popped Australian Rules football, live, Port Adelaide and Hawthorne on TSN. Your cheers for Hawthorne are working because they're up 49-22 at halftime. I don't understand the game at all but I can't believe the lack of padding the players have given the tough nature of the game. I think I'll just stick with golf. Anyway, I hope the game continues to go well for your Hawthorne team in the second half.

Kathy and Brian said...

It was amazing to read your post on our iPod Touch as we attended the game. We'll be posting photos but they won't do justice to the amazing game of Aussie Rules.