Sunday, June 6, 2010

Footy at the MCG

Footy is, of course, Australian Rules Football, and The MCG, or sometimes even The 'G, is how the abbreviation-prone Aussies describe the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

This afternoon we attended a thoroughly exciting match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Port Adelaide Power, which Hawthorn eventually won. The game was somewhat lightly attended, although that's hard to tell in a facility that holds 100,000.

Our friend Ross is a member and got us amazing seats at what we'd call the 50-yard line, although the playing field for Aussie Rules seems absolutely huge even compared to an American or Canadian football field.

Our photos can't do justice to the scope of the game or the amazing athleticism of the players who kick, punch, and even dribble the ball, along with showing incredible skills in lateral passes. Non-stop excitement!

We know the Aussies are serious drinkers, but we were surprised at the special holding-area service for those who've overimbibed, until we realized it was simply a line to obtain a re-entry pass.

The game itself has something for any fan of American/Canadian football, soccer, or rugby, with a bit of basketball dribbling and jumping thrown in.

The multitude of game officials (do they have their own union?) receive their own security and police escort as they exit the field at the end of the game. It wasn't really needed today because the great majority of the fans were barracking for the Hawks.

Another great day in Oz...

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Dennis Warner said...

If I lived down under I'd probably be a fan. It was fun, and amazing, to have stumbled on to the game here and when I realized it was the same game you were attending live I decided to watch. The game was certainly wide open and exciting with the outcome in doubt until near the end. Great pictures too. Enjoy your remaining time in Oz.