Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

We've had a great time here and are now sitting in the Continental club at LAS, a very pleasant layout that we've visited before.

We enjoyed a fine production of Phantom of The Opera the other night at the Venetian. We'd found a deal, splurged on great seats, and found ourselves in the second row center on the aisle, almost close enough for the actors to perspire on us.

We've previously seen the Phantom in Vancouver and in London, and this production was second to none. The masked man himself was played by a Tony Award winner and he, along with everybody else, was terrific.

We've eaten well and will miss the privileges that came with Hilton Diamond status at the soon-to-be former Las Vegas Hilton.

Our kind neighbors have placed our third sink (hope this one isn't dented) and a garbage disposal inside our front door, and there'll be a variety of tasks to keep us busy when we return home.

This little break from our sink-less and stove-less kitchen has been fun but reality is about to intrude again.

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