Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today's Encounter

After various kinds of nuisances, mainly minor and mainly just waiting, today is the day the installers are scheduled to install our new kitchen countertops.

Once that's accomplished, after a couple of days of waiting for the sealing to harden we can hook up our new sink and garbage disposal. Next, when the fellow who's going to hook up the gas line to our new cooktop gets back from his vacation, we'll be cooking with gas.

Oh, and we found out we need a new water heater - fortunately before it sprang a fatal leak - and decided to take the plunge and select a tankless unit, giving us an endless supply unless the power goes out.

The devil really is in the details. For example, we've been reading and researching and getting close to buying bamboo flooring to install in the kitchen and dining room. Then we ran across this blog, containing a veritable litany of common complaints (scratching and denting)from bamboo flooring buyers.

One advantage of doing most of this on our own is that we do have time to consider some of these buying decisions, rather than making them all at once. We'll still be glad when it's all done.

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