Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Glorious Vancouver Day

We're picking up friends at YVR tomorrow morning and depositing them at the cruise ship terminal to start a voyage to Australia. We thought we deserved a trip too.

The Westin Wall Centre YVR was offering a good room rate that even included parking so we grabbed it. No upgrade like our last visit here but a perfectly nice room...

We could have driven to the Skytrain Bridgeport Station in a couple of minutes, but the glorious day persuaded us to walk the 10 minutes instead. For $1.75 each (senior rate), we rode all the way to the waterfront, walked along a new (to us) waterfront path nearly to the Westin Bayshore, and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

We ate appetizers for dinner at a restaurant pub near the waterfront terminal before riding back.

Once there, we wandered over to the last Richmond Night Market of the season. it looks much like markets we've visited in Thailand and Singapore with one difference: It wasn't nearly as crowded.

We ate a couple of snacks there before walking back to the hotel. We'll load some photos once we're back home. The Westin is a nice hotel but they have a slow DSL-type connection that reminds us of the old dial-up days.

Once we've dropped our friends off at the cruise ship terminal tomorrow afternoon, it'll be back home for us, but we picked a beautiful day to be tourists in Vancouver.

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