Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Newest Project: Shower Forecast

We've spent the last few weeks renovating rather than recreating. We tore out the venerable fiberglass shower unit in our en suite bathroom - reciprocating saws are very handy in such situations - and our project has continued with few major problems - knock on wood.

We bought our tiles locally but ordered online the fixtures, the shower base and door, and the porcelain shelf and niche, getting exactly what we want and saving ourselves several hundred dollars in the process.

After setting the new base into mortar, we hired a plumber who roughed in the new fixtures.

A fair amount of heavy work included not only the tiles themselves but the HardeeBacker cement board.

Just yesterday we mounted the (very) heavy glass door and soon we should be able to take showers while enjoying Kathy's tile artistry.

The finished product...

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