Friday, June 5, 2015

The World's Top 25 Landmarks and Us

We just ran across Trip Advisor's 2015 list of the world's 25 Best Landmarks. We feel incredibly fortunate to have already viewed 18 of the 25. Ironically, two of the seven landmarks we haven't visited are in the U.S.A. Machu Picchu is definitely on our bucket list.

1.       Angkor Wat*(Cambodia)
2.       Machu Picchu (Peru)
3.       Taj Mahal* (India)
4.       Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Dubai)
5.       La Sagrada Familia* (Spain)
6.       St. Peter’s Basilica* (Italy/Vatican City)
7.       Milan Cathedral (Italy)
8.       Alcatraz (U.S.A.)
9.       Cristo Redentor* (Brazil)
10.   Golden Gate Bridge* (U.S.A.)
11.   Eiffel Tower* (France)
12.   Church of the Savior on Blood* (Russia)
13.   Notre Dame Cathedral* (France)
14.   The Alhambra* (Spain)
15.   Hagia Sophia* (Turkey)
16.  Charles Bridge* (Czech Republic)
17.   Great Wall at Mutianyu* (China)
18.   Lincoln Memorial* (U.S.A.)
19.   Burj Khalifa (Dubai)
20.   National September 11 Memorial (U.S.A.)
21.   Wat Pho* (Thailand)
22.   Chichen Itza (Mexico)
23.   Sydney Opera House* (Australia) 
24.  Petronas Twin Towers* (Malaysia)
25.  Panama Canal* (Panama)

* Places we've visited

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