Thursday, August 6, 2015

'Biz Bed' Seating on that Open Skies 757

We had snagged a great deal flying between New York and Paris on the British Airways Open Skies slight. BA markets the flight and its Biz Beds as a "cozy boutique experience," and that it is. It's the strangest configuration we've ever seen. To squeeze four flatbeds per row into a 757, there's one forward-facing seat and one rear-facing seat next to each other on each side of the aisle.

Avery and Kathy faced each other, while Brian faced a young French mathematics professor in his way to the US for a holiday.

A fan-shaped privacy screen is available between the armrests, but it seemed gauche to use it.

Besides, Brian doesn't have that much against math teachers, and pleasant conversation ensued at the beginning of the flight and again toward the end.

It was a very enjoyable flight with good service and good food, despite quite a few bumps along the way. Despite our misgivings about flying that far on a 757, we would do it again in a minute. 


Brother Greg said...

It's quite irritating that I have to go to a second source to figure out where you are flying to or from. :( Why would I know what EWR is or CDG, OMG maybe it is my HASA! (that's headache and stomach ache) :) Hope you are having fun.

Kathy and Brian said...

Ha ha! We're pleased to know our little blog inspires you to read and research. We hope to continue to encourage such worthwhile efforts.