Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Hilton CDG: Déjà Vu

Last year this property was an early stop with Jake, during which we experienced several idiosyncrasies, including a strange lounge and a lengthy delay checking out, necessitating Brian's running to catch up to Jake and Kathy in the terminal.

Today we arrived before 4:00 pm, and dutifully stood behind only one other person in the Hhonors elite line.

"Bon jour," said Brian cheerfully when it was our turn.

"Bon jour, replied the clerk. "I am going off shift now."

"Ha ha," said Brian, "I remember this hotel."

"My colleague will be right here," but of course he wasn't, and the clerk did check us in, no doubt violating French labor laws in the process.

Brian snapped a photo of the check-in queue as we headed to the lounge for a drink just before 6:00 pm.

We were lucky. We'll allow lots of time to check out in the morning.

The hotel does offer a scenic elevator ride.

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