Sunday, June 19, 2016

Surrey, B.C. Dining: Tasty Indian Bistro Lives Up to Its Name

Surrey, B.C. is home to a lot of Indo-Canadians, and a lot of eateries that dish up fine curry, naan, and butter chicken. We drove up on a rainy Saturday to watch grandson Jake play Spring League basketball. With two hours between games, Jake wanted to watch other games in the gym with his teammates and eat the food he'd brought. 

We, on the other hand, drove his mother the 10 minutes or so to the Tasty Indian Bistro, Trip Advisor's top-rated restaurant (of 690) in all of Surrey. 

Tasty it was, a surprisingly elegant interior in a fairly typical strip mall.
Above is a dish, new to us, recommended by our charming waiter: Malai Chicken Tikka. Below is the balance of our feast, a bargain fifty bucks, given the quality and quantity. And then it was back to the gym, to watch Jake play.

Double Zero sinks a free throw.

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