Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hawaii: The Big Island

Once we escaped OAK we sat back and enjoyed great service (as usual) from Alaska. Champagne on boarding, a decent lunch, and a Mai Tai toward the end of the flight.

Chicken for Kathy...

Salmon for Brian as he caught a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory on the video player that's free in F. 

We caught a good glimpse of part of the island on our approach.

After we landed, we walked through the open air airport and took the Hertz shuttle to pick up our car.

The drive from the airport is scenic in a special way, as much of the landscape is covered with the remains of old lava flows.

We arrived early at the Hilton but our room was ready.

It's breezy but warm and we're already unpacked and settling in for our six-night stay.


Gregory said...

How does the Hilton treat Diamonds these days? I was disappointed the one time I was there: no upgrade and a sad, temporary Executive Lounge with below average offerings.

Kathy and Brian said...

No lounge and they didn't give us anything other than a cheap points upgrade offer that we accepted for an ocean view room. Meal prices are outrageous but when you're on a cheap all-inclusive package you just smile and sign.